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Greek consonant; density symbol
The second largest city of Brazil, for short
To change something, such as a room, so that it looks new or different
US gambling town at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas
The business of taking property from people who can't make their paynments anymore
Cylindrical caramel candy
Wireless transmission and reception of electric signals by means of electromagnetic waves
Main character of a film series based on the novel 'First Blood' by David Morrell
2011 animated film about a chameleon; video game based on that film
The relative magnitudes of two quantities
A right-hand page in left-to-right language books
Old-fashioned, in a fashionable way
Heavy African or Asian mammal that has thick skin and either one or two large horns on its nose
The drummer for the Beatles
Event in which people compete at riding horses and bulls, catching animals with ropes, etc
Juliet's beloved according to Shakespeare
American actress, producer and former model Rene
The financial and commercial centre of Venice for many centuries
Spell in 'Harry Potter' used to repair broken or damaged objects
Fanciful but graceful architectural style
Everybody loves this 'Ray'
Spell in 'Harry Potter' that enables the caster to explode solid objects
Italian cheese and rice dish
Reddish or green leaves that have a bitter taste and that are eaten in salads
An espresso made with the normal amount of ground coffee but extracted with about half the amount of water
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