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QUIZ: Can you figure out the one word answers that start with either 'Q', 'U' or 'V' and end in 'O' by their description?

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Starts with 'Q'
'Quid pro ___' 
The capital of Ecuador 
A size of a piece of paper 
American actor Zachary 
Home city of Tsingtao Brewery 
Premium cigar brand 
The hunchback of Notre-Dame 
Starts with 'U'
Discarding card game 
Cancel; reverse 
Nirvana's album 'In _____' 
Dated of last month 
UN peace agency 
Endure; sustain 
Music that's played very fast 
Starts with 'V'
Authoritative ban 
Youtube upload 
Swedish car; Latin for 'I roll' 
Religion chiefly practiced in Haiti 
Erupting mountain 
1958 Hitchcock film 
Pulsating vocal tone 

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