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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder about an animated sitcom?

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Clue4-Letter Word
1. ★ ____ Judge, 1 of the series' creators ★
2.Cheese nibblers
3. Children's head pests
4. Delicate fabric
5. Speed competition
6. In short supply
7. Hopping animal
8. '____! The Herald Angels Sing'
9. ★ ____ Hill, title character ★
10. River border
11. The Dark Knight's antagonist
12. Great dog
13. ★ ____ Gribble, neighbor of [rung 9] ★
14. Lacking color
15. Big heap
Clue4-Letter Word
16. Tablet of medicine
17. ★ _____ Dauterive, bald friend of [rung 9] ★
18. Papal edict; nonsense
19. A knot in yarn
20. Ringlet of hair
21. Medical research goal
22. Apple center
23. Yellow grain
24. Masked woods animal (Informally)
25. Enclosure for chickens
26. [rung 23] is an example of this
27. Black cawing bird
28. Hired hands
29. Increased in size
30. ★ _____ Daniels, 1 of the series' creators ★

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