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Can you figure out the one word answers that start with 'P' and end in 'Y' by their description?

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To take care of a bill
A small horse
Seek divine guidance
Of inferior size
Short underpants for women, usually used in the plural
Coin worth one-hundredth of the value of the basic unit
Fraudulent; having a misleading appearance
The finger farthest from the thumb
Type of plant that has bright red or orange flowers and that is the source of opium
Dough-like mixture of whiting and boiled linseed oil, used especially to secure panes of glass
Any member of various peoples having an average height of less than five feet
The government of the Roman Catholic Church
Literature in metrical form
Like the woman in a Roy Orbison classic
Wheel or set of wheels that is used with a rope, chain, etc., to lift or lower heavy objects
To show someone or something in a painting, book, etc.
Singer Elvis who passed away in 1977
An unusually gifted or intelligent young person
South American country landlocked by Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil
Retail shop where medicine and other articles are sold
Having more than one spouse at a time
A special quality or characteristic of something; someone's possession
Time during the development of human culture before the appearance of the written word
Branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders
Territory ruled by a prince

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