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Can you name the 4-letter words that complete this musical artist-themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
• ____ Collins •
Shovel's sandbox mate
• ____ Simon •
'Better Call ____'
• ____ Asylum •
Rule violation in sport
April 1 honoree
What's spread in a spread
• ____ Charlotte •
Mob muscle
Animated character, for short
Unable to decide
• ____ Amos •
• ____ Braxton •
Clue4-Letter Word
Character of sound
Prong of a fork
• ____ Turner •
Sushi bar supply
Roman goddess of the moon
Pulmonary organ
Fish of the cod family
Connect by association
• ____ Floyd •
Tree on Maine's flag
Use the good china, say
• ____ Straits •
Incriminating information
Missile in a pub game
Clue4-Letter Word
• ____ Punk •
Huckleberry Finn carrier
Frantic monologue
Military status
• ____ Williams •
Computer breach
• ____ White •
A school or college athlete
Spot left by a pustule
Meat from a pig
Leave one's car
• ____ Lanegan •
Mother of Jesus
• ____ Gray •

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