Miscellaneous Quiz / Starts with 'M', ends in 'Y' (Vol. 2)

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Can you figure out the one word answers that start with 'M' and end in 'Y' by their description?

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A large number
Musician who's a great-great-grandnephew of Herman Melville
Kuala Lumpur resident
Join in wedlock
Feeling that motivates compassion
Pleasing series of musical notes that form the main part of a song
Things learned and kept in the mind
12 pm, noon
A feeling of intense unhappiness
Cause to change; make different
Composed of diverse often incongruous elements
Open rebellion against constituted authority
To make something greater
Something beyond understanding, an enigma
Reddish-brown color or wood
Number that is greater than half of a total
Foolish words or ideas
Of or relating to the army
To experience the early and unexpected end of a pregnancy
Exclusive possession or control; popular board game
County in California, known for its wine
Group of devices with moving parts that are used to perform specific jobs
The residence of a religious community
Person who is sent to a foreign country to do religious work
State capital of Alabama

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