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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder about the site of an assassination attempt in the movie 'The Terminator'?

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Clue4-Letter WordRung #
____ [rung 13] [rung 22]: Fictional discotheque
Neanderthal accompanier, in cartoons; sandwich with toothpicks
US Murder-mystery board game2
Smoke passage in a chimney3
Take it on the lam4
Without cost; liberate5
Ridge on a guitar neck6
Units of twelve inches7
Oktober ending?8
Abstain from food9
Fiction's opposite10
Sensitivity in dealing with others11
Engine RPM measurer, for short12
[first rung] ____ [rung 22]: Fictional discotheque
It follows 'high' or 'Georgia'
Poland's Walesa14
Scottish lake15
Key's partner; ringlet of hair16
Word spoken while pointing17
Fish-eating diving bird18
Creature for Crockett's cap19
Metal piece of money20
Coarse fiber of a coconut21
Clue4-Letter WordRung #
[first rung] [rung 13] ____: Fictional discotheque
French for 'black'
Brand of hair remover23
Something chewed by a nervous person24
Get-out-of-jail money25
Event attended by Cinderella26
Bird's beak; one in a wallet27
Horizontal window piece28
Thread from caterpillars29
Affected with disease or ill health30
Select; heavy tool31
____ [last rung]: Said discotheque's street in LA
SI unit prefix denoting a factor of 10-12
Spanish fashion designer, '____ Rabanne'33
Six minutes per mile, e.g.34
Glazier's unit35
All there, mentally36
Material for some castles37
What to click after finishing an email38
Plant generator39
Iditarod vehicle40
[rung 32] ____: Said discotheque's street in LA
1950 film stylized as 'SUNSET ____.'

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