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QUIZ: Can you link two 7-letter words, that reveal TV character House M.D.'s first name and his preferred pain medication, by splitting them up into 3-letter and 4-letter words? Check the game note please.

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Clue: 4-Letter WordAnswerClue: 3-Letter Word
◻ One of the Brady boys; golf great Norman →← Suffix with 'transit' or 'deposit' ◻
Increased in sizeTolkien flesh-eater
Made a pictureLine on a globe
Tied scoreRoses-red connector
Exclamation of annoyanceOverwhelming admiration
Major idiot; backside, slangilyFemale in a fold
Fuel from a bogPart of a storm or a needle
Repressed, with 'up'Whiskey grain
Imperial liquid measureRegret deeply
Languish; conifer treeA textile floor covering
Woody climbing plantManipulate fraudulently
Gripping tool (British English spelling); depravityDo some excavating; like, in slang
◻ Italian astronomer Father Francesco de ____ →← Unwanted noise, clatter ◻

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