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Can you name the words in this ladder themed with chained 4-letter 2-word phrases?

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Clue4-Letter Word
1. °Immortal spirit°
°Great tasting African American cuisine: [rungs 1+4]°
2. Rule violation in sport
3. A harmlessly deranged person
4. °Great tasting African American cuisine: [rungs 1+4]°
°Nutritious substance°
°Grocery store company with a roar: [rungs 4+8]°
5. It may be happy or grumpy
6. Project Apollo destination
7. Bird with a laughlike call
8. °Grocery store company with a roar: [rungs 4+8]°
°MGM beast°
°1994 Disney movie introducing 'Simba': [rungs 8+14]°
9. Outline in clear detail
10. Caustic calcium oxide; a shade of green
11. US coin, one-tenth of a dollar
12. Have a luxurious meal
13. Minor parking lot mishap
14. °1994 Disney movie introducing 'Simba': [rungs 8+14]°
°Juan Carlos of Spain, for one°
°Coveted seafood on 'Deadliest Catch': [rungs 14+25]°
15. Nice to people
16. Object to; intellect
17. Make repairs to
18. Drink fermented from honey
19. Spam, ham, lamb, etc.
Clue4-Letter Word
20. Dancing stimulus; police officer's regular route
21. Large length of timber
22. 'Dracula' author Stoker
23. Metric unit of weight
24. To seize suddenly
25. °Coveted seafood on 'Deadliest Catch': [rungs 14+25]°
°Sign of the constellation named Cancer°
°Late South Park character 'Veronica [rungs 25+32]'°
26. Esophageal pouch of a bird
27. Bad avian omen in much mythology
28. Short hairstyle; field yield
29. French for 'too much'
30. Jog like a horse
31. Weigh station factor
32. °Late South Park character 'Veronica [rungs 25+32]'°
°Large plant with a trunk°
°Adult film magnate 'Jackie [rungs 32+38]' from the movie 'The Big Lebowski'°
33. 'With this ring, I ____ wed'
34. At a specific prior time
35. A person who is between 13 and 19 years old
36. Fork-tailed seabird
37. Struggling with a choice; pulled apart
38. °Adult film magnate 'Jackie [rungs 32+38]' from the movie 'The Big Lebowski'°
°Bull's weapon; basketball game-ending sound°

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