Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Before and After Word Chain 18

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Can you name the words in this ladder themed with chained 3, 4 and 5-letter 2-word phrases?

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• A separate section of a train •3
Part of a baseball player's getup3
Fist bump3
Moderately moist4
Female title; pantomime part4
Resident of Copenhagen4
Seashore sand hill4
Immerse, as a donut4
Common water bird4
Where ships tie up4
A student athlete4
• Lifting device •4
To support; rear surface4
• Coffee served without milk or cream •5
To make a short sharp sound5
Video game series, 'Ratchet & _____'5
Side of an animal5
Open pastries containing a filling5
Alternative to heels5
Noteworthy acts5
Strikes repeatedly5
Heavy, sometimes grizzly, carnivores5
Abe Lincoln feature5
• To get on a train or plane •5
Amass and store privately5
Solid, firm, rigid4
Ask for identification4
The 'C' in 'TLC'4
Empty container's weight4
Grimm story4
It's cheap, proverbially4
• Journey on foot •4
Divider of rooms4
Event attended by Cinderella4
Not covered with hair4
Michael Jackson song and album3
Small lump of tobacco3
• Method used to do something •3

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