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Can you name the words in this ladder themed with chained 4-letter 2-word phrases?

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Clue4-Letter Word
Effort made to do something correctly
Deuce or jack, e.g.
Like dried cement
A group of cattle
White froth on beer
Small globular body
Ursine creature; endure
Drop on a cheek
Coached group
Theme park transport
Admiral Ackbar: 'It's a ____'
Too much, to a Frenchman
Jog like a horse
Palindromic sound of a car horn
Not worth discussing
To tether a boat
Place for a knocker
Couch potato's opposite
Antlered animal
Like one end of a pool
Dribble through an opening
Clue4-Letter Word
One of AA's twelve
Bring an end to
Wet feed for pigs
To slide out of place
Liner or tanker, e.g.
Front of the lower leg
Lower extremity of the face
Metal currency
Hard growth on the foot
In need of patching
Give a caution to
With a comfortable temperature
To work the land
Business partnership
Dragon's breath
How to address a king
Listing in a browser's history
Star Wars film, 'Revenge of the ____'
Audible breath
Omen; indication
Priory in a Dan Brown novel
Clue4-Letter Word
MGM beast
Depict by drawing
Cuba libre ingredient; shade of green
Hair parasites
Add liquor to punch
Six minutes per mile, e.g.
A handshake may seal one
Bygone period
Send a letter
It may be struck on a runway
'Kiss From a ____' by Seal
Enjoyed a roller coaster
Program instructions
Ice cream parlor purchase
Dog biscuit shape
Knock on the noodle
Library unit
Word spoken while pointing
Section of a canal, ringlet of hair
Relax on a porch chair, perhaps
Torture device that stretches the body

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