Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Batman's Flying Girth

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Can you name the words in this ladder themed with chained 4-letter 2-word phrases?

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Clue4-Letter WordRung #
First man in the bible
↓ Mayor of Quahog on Family Guy: [rungs 1+9] ↓
Jewish calendar's twelfth month2
Banned growth-retardant spray3
Rickman of the Harry Potter movies4
Prepare for the future5
Map showing property divisions6
Turf used for fuel7
Unwelcome garden visitor8
↑ Mayor of Quahog on Family Guy: [rungs 1+9] ↑
Where the sun sets
↓ Political drama TV series: The [rungs 9+14] ↓
Past tense of go10
Feel a need for11
Magician's prop waved over a hat12
Clue4-Letter WordRung #
Weather-vane turner13
↑ Political drama TV series: The [rungs 9+14] ↑
Organ of flight
↓ The one of a Boeing 777 is 197 ft: [rungs 14+24] ↓
Intern at Futurama's Planet Express, Amy ____15
Not short16
Word before 'wolf' or 'Ranger'17
Accumulated facts, traditions or beliefs18
Make a hole; tedious person19
Brought into the world20
Switzerland's capital21
Edible seed or pod22
Connery or Penn23
↑ The one of a Boeing 777 is 197 ft: [rungs 14+24] ↑
Complete duration of something

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