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Can you name the 4-letter words in this gun-themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
• What winds do •
Ink stain
Machine displaying fruit symbols
• Small drink •
To close something
Give the cold shoulder
• Sci-fi weapon setting •
Breeding horse; metal button
• Chip veggie •
Boot jingler
Like lemon juice
Dispense liquid
Far from rich
'Knockin' on Heaven's ____'
Opposite of an idler
Venison source
Land title document
Have-not's condition
Pi Day celebrant, stereotypically
• Spongy toy brand •
Feudal peasant
One's individuality
Give up for a price
Jodie Foster title role
Diamond of music
Clue4-Letter Word
• Fix with a metal spike •
• Amtrak track •
Search by police without warning
Currency unit of South Africa
• Poker unit •
Fictional character Hill or Moody
• Armoured combat vehicle •
Citrus drink used by NASA
Team of villains
Pagoda instrument
• Have a strong desire •
When doubled, a celebrated panda
Flash Gordon fought this evil emperor
• Maxi's opposite •
Done with, to a Frenchman
To encounter or locate
Affectionate, loving
Bowl for baptismal water
Knox or Lauderdale
Put each in its place
Like a comfortable pillow
Room below a roof
What wings provide
It's the geologist's fault
• Prison disruption •

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