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Can you name the 5-letter words in this ladder about various words that may proceed or follow the word 'water'?

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Clue5-Letter Word
🌊 _____ WATER: Term that excludes seawater and brackish water 🌊
Edible part of fruit
Sudden outburst of light
Hooch holder
US press agent; singer Roberta
🌊 _____WATER: Liquid waste from coal preparation 🌊
Devoid of text; not decorated
Lacking taste
Reddish transfusion fluid
🌊 _____WATER: Overflow that submerges, usually dry, land 🌊
Bottom of a room
Finely ground grain
Show disregard for
Parade component
Toot one's own horn
English silver fourpence
Of considerable size; better than good
Receive at the door
One of the cardinal sins
Kennel club classification
Something eaten toasted and buttered
Clue5-Letter Word
🌊 _____WATER: Structure for protecting a beach or harbor 🌊
Squeaky hinge noise
Frog's output; kick the bucket
Lot of baloney
Branded colorful footwear
Vampire repeller
🌊 WATER_____: Round-leaved plant, often used in salads 🌊
Regatta teams
Where birds store their food?
Wolverine has three retractable ones in each hand
Gives audible approval
Film snippets
Lay's product
Sizable maritime vessels
Jumps sideways
🌊 WATER _____: Footwear used for activities where the feet are likely to become wet, such as kayaking 🌊
Tries to get a cat to leave
Filming session; fire a gun
Cry loudly
🌊 WATER_____: Funnel-shaped cloud over a body of water 🌊
🌊 WATER _____: Scuba Diving or Water Polo, e.g. 🌊

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