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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder about various words that may precede or follow the word 'water'?

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Clue4-Letter Word
🌊 ____ WATER: It has a significant level of salinity 🌊
Grain product used in making whisky
🌊 ____WATER: Warming glacier output 🌊
Sensed; soft matted fabric
Cut down a tree
🌊 WATER____: Where a river flows over 1 or more vertical drops 🌊
Not succeed
Train wheel guide
🌊 ____WATER: This liquid falls from clouds 🌊
Prerequisite for gain?
Usually not a good poker hand
Brush or comb this
One in the will
Perceive sound
🌊 ____WATER: Source of a stream, usually used in plural 🌊
Small globular body
🌊 WATER ____: Resilient 8-legged, segmented micro-animal 🌊
Beverage commonly advertised during football games
One looking ahead in time
That which is sown
🌊 WATER____: Drainage basin, in North American usage,
land area where surface water converges 🌊
Wearing foot coverings, like racehorses
Retailer's business place
It may follow 'pork' or 'karate'
Enclosure for chickens
Dove sounds
Shelter beds
Clue4-Letter Word
Web crawlers; droids
One, and the other
🌊 ____ WATER: What you use, or have used, to clean yourself 🌊
Big party
Enjoy the sunshine
🌊 ____WATER: Part of a river in which there is little or no current 🌊
Fill a suitcase; bunch of cards or wolves
🌊 WATER ____: It features swimming pools, water slides, etc. 🌊
🌊 WATER____: Pattern in paper used to determine authenticity 🌊
Marketplace, for short
On TV, Milhouse's best friend
Celtic poet
🌊 WATER ____: Duck, goose or pelican 🌊
Fasten paper between covers
Twisted loop in a hose
Surprise volleyball shot
U.F.O. shape
🌊 ____WATER: Dirty water in which plates, cutlery and such
have been washed 🌊
Express a desire for
Snack brand with an owl's-eye logo
Thin metallic string
🌊 ____WATER: High-proof beverages, particularly moonshine 🌊
Penalty for wrongdoing
🌊 WATER____: Where a ship's hull meets the water surface 🌊
Full of streaks
🌊 WATER ____: Plant in many of Claude Monet's paintings 🌊

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