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Clue4-Letter WordRung #
*'The [rung 1] [rung 13]', one of the first PC retailers*
A sequence of 8 bits, processed as a single unit of information
To reduce the force or intensity of2
Sheet of matted cotton or wool, used as insulation or as a felt-making material3
Enticement for fish4
A person from the United Kingdom5
Badly behaved child; German sausage, for short6
Cry like a lamb7
Like a useless tire8
What bird wings do9
Thunderous noise; show appreciation10
Crack of the skin11
To use a cleaver12
*'The [rung 1] [rung 13]', one of the first PC retailers*
A retailer's business place
Discharge of a firearm14
Chimney sweep's concern15
Clue4-Letter WordRung #
Any second now16
Climactic time in Westerns17
One might appear next to an article18
°[rungs 19+23] [rung 30], CA: Home of the [rung 1] [rung 13]°
Anagram of 'muon'
Time to rise, in poetry20
In a quandary; ripped open21
Small glacial lake22
°[rungs 19+23] [rung 30], CA: Home of the [rung 1] [rung 13]°
Anagram of 'anti'
Like Laurel, but not Hardy24
At a specific prior time25
Many a new voter26
Golf pegs; river at Middlesbrough27
Neckwear items28
Contends in rivalry29
°[rungs 19+23] [rung 30], CA: Home of the [rung 1] [rung 13]°
Scenic overlook feature

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