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What title can be spred through knifing
what is the challenge associated w/ ac130 kills
What assault rifle(s) are in MW2 and not MW1
What title is unlocked for 3 long shots in one life
what shotgun has the longest range
what company made MW2
what is the first challenge under boot camp
what is the last sniper unlocked
what level must one achieve to unlock the Major Title
What level do you have to achive to prestige
what level(s) can you glitch out of
what is the term for the glitch that lifts you in the air
what is the new granade added
what reward do you get for a 15 killstreak
how many nukes do you need to obtain to get the nuke emblem
what is the term for dual weapons
Bullet penatration attachment is called
What play list is a mix of multiple playlist
what new feature was added to the cage match playlist
what is the last title on the list of titles

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