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Where did Ralph see the leprechaun?
What size shoe does Marge wear?
Who was Marge in the musical 'A Streetcar Named Desire'?
What was the name of the girl who lived with the Simpsons briefly, who (almost) tried to kill Marge and steal Homer?
What does Bart see on the side of the bus in Treehouse of Horror IV?
What is the name of the secret society homer rules over?
How much does a pure syrup squishy cost?
Who is Lisas first kiss with?
What prescription medication does Bart get put on when hes diagnosed with ADD?
What product designed by students gets burned in a Christmas fire?
Who is Barts roommate in the future?
What is principal skinner allergic to?
What is Smithers allergic to?
Where did Marge vacation to as a child?
What is Barts full name?
What is Maggies first word?
What is the Springfield Penitentiary's slogan?
How much younger is Milhouse than Bart?
What is Milhouses middle name?
What is Homers email address?
How much older is Bart than Lisa?
How many eyelashes does Maggie have?
How many points are on Barts head?
What is Springfields motto?
What does the sign outside of the Springfield retirement castle say?
When is Marges birthday?
What is Jimbos real name?
Who killed Maude?

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