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A settler from the 'modern' world decides to fight for the rights of the natives after falling in love with their princess.
An unlikely duo find themselves forced to live out each other's lives when a mysterious event causes them to temporarily switch bodies.
A person's wish for temporal shift is magically granted, causing them to wake up older/younger than they were before.
An outcast insect becomes a revolutionary when his iconoclastic ideas prove instrumental in helping his colony wrest their freedom from a tyrant.
The President's rebellious daughter outsmarts her handlers at every turn, only to end up falling in love with an undercover Secret Service agent.
In order to save the Earth from certain destruction, a team of astronauts must plant a nuclear bomb on the surface of an asteroid.
A reformed high school geek takes aim at a cruel clique of popular girls who once made her life a living hell.
A group of escaped zoo animals get lost in a big city before ultimately ending up back in the wild.
An overzealous security guard finally gets the chance to be a hero when a criminal element threatens the mall where he works.
Two friends attempt to have casual sex, but end up falling in love.
The life of an average guy becomes fodder for reality television when his life is broadcast 24/7.
A turbulent volcanic eruption threatens the lives of an entire city.
A violent killer from the future attempts to kill a young boy, but is thwarted by the resilient mother and her time-traveling companion.
A moralistic serial killer employs a series of increasingly inventive and ironic death traps in order to ensnare his victims.
A famed fairy tale duo are re-imagined as roving mercenaries, battling against a malevolent witch-ly force.
When the White House is besieged by terrorists, one unlikely hero is tasked with saving the President.
A slobbery pooch and a sardonic detective must begrudgingly join forces in order to solve a case.
While researching for his latest true crime novel, a famed author begins to develop feelings for his criminal subjects.
A portly film director terrorizes the ingenue he's cast in his latest thriller.
Realizing they have fallen in love, a maid of honor decides to break up their best friend's wedding.
In this weepy coming of age film, a terminally ill teen begins a whirlwind romance with an empathetic sweetheart, against her better judgement.
A magician is framed for a murder he didn't commit in turn of the century Europe.
A government bureau specializing in the supernatural operates in secret to keep otherworldly crimes out of the public eye.

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