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Can you name the Innervation of the Lower Limb?

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extensor digitorum longus
extensor digitorum brevis
adductor hallucis - transverse head
vastus intermedius (quad)
palmar interossei
adductor brevis
biceps femoris - short head
rectus femoris (quad)
flexor hallucis brevis - lateral belly
tensor fascia lata
quadratus plantae - lateral head
lumbrical 1
flexor hallucis brevis - medial belly
obturator externus
flexor digitorum longus
gluteus medius
peroneus longus
dorsal interossei
obturator internus
extensor hallucis brevis
inferior gemellus
quadtratus plantae - medial head
abductor digiti minimi
peroneus tertius
adductor magnus - hamstring portion
gluteus minimus
tibialis posterior
lumbricals 2, 3, and 4
adductor longus
extensor hallucis longus
flexor digiti minimi brevis
tibialis anterior
flexor digitorum brevis
gastrocnemeus - medial head
gastrocnemeus - lateral head
abductor hallucis
quadratus femoris
vastus medialis (quad)
superior gemellus
adductor magnus - adductor portion
adductor hallucis - oblique head
flexor hallucis longus
biceps femoris - long head
vastus lateralis (quad)
peroneus brevis
gluteus maximus

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