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Can you name the True blood characters?

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Reads minds, Blonde, Gapped teeth, In love with a vampire
Dark, Handsome, Mainstreams, Vampire
Did V, Got accused of 3 murders, Training with the fellowship of the sun
Taped herself and a vampire having sex, Got strangled to death, Had sex with Jason
Worked at Merlottes, Had a relationship with Jason, Got strangled to death
Did V, Kidnapped and staked a vampire, Was in a relationship with Jason
Cop, Gets wasted at Merlottes frequently, Complains that nobody calls him detective
Works with Jason and Rene, Fancied Dawn, Starting relationship with Jessica
Killer, Fake Cuban accent, Was engaged to Arlene
Long red hair, Has 2 children, Works at Merlottes
Had a fake exorcism, Had a drunken mother, Had sex with her boss
Shape shifter, In love with Sookie, Owns Merlottes
Druggie and drug dealer, Chef at Merlottes, Gay
1 daughter, Claimed to have a demon, Drunkeness 'cured' by exorcism
A 'social worker', Blackmails Sam, Lives with a man and her servant
Real name Benedict, Plays Guitar, Lives with Maryann, Has sex with Tara
Sherif of area 5, Maker of Pam, Owns Fangtasia
Made by Bill, Was a christian, Has a younger sister, Hormonal teenager
Stole money from Fangtasia, Stacked by Bill, Worked behind the bar in Fangtasia
Works at Fangtasia, She has a 'volt' memory, ID's Sookie and Jason
Been glamoured one to many times, only human working at Fangtasia
Cousin of Detective Andy Bellefleur, Has a growing relationship with Arlene, Bartends and cooks at Merlottes
Supplied V to Lafayette, Got kidnapped and staked
Shape shifter, Has unnusual claw scars on her back, Lousy waitress
Maker of eric, Kidnapped, 2000 years old
Has 2 grandchildren, Was murdered, Was a member of Bon Temps Historical Society

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