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Can you name the 4-letter words in this Game of Thrones themed word ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Lengthy, like a book series
Traditional stories and fables
Leader of one of the Seven Kingdoms
Freight or cargo
To prod or incite
Spear color on Martell sigil
Something you dig
Part played by an actor or actress
House Tyrell's sigil flower
Assume an upright position
To stir up
A small brook or stream
Westerlands surname for illegitimate kids
Large entrance room
What the Night's Watch defend
A welt
Kingdom run by House Arryn
Blade on a windmill wheel
Hint4-Letter Word
What the 'Mad King' was not
Surname in Dorne for illegitimate kids
Item Jaime Lannister is missing
A nickname for Henry
A military position, for example
Shelving, often attached to a wall
Lannister's castle name, Casterly ____
Corner chess piece
Cross used in crucifixion
Highway, like the River ____ in Westeros
Lannister words, 'Hear me ____'
To fly upward or down, like Lysa Arryn
A famous or talented person
House Baratheon's sigil animal
To catch and tear something
To kiss sloppily
The North's surname for illegitimate kids
Theatrical production
Protection for a foot
Tyrion Lannister's lover
Hint4-Letter Word
Language from the Tai group
Ned Stark portrayer's first name
Ned Stark portrayer's surname
Nickname of Catelyn Stark's second son
Country formerly known as Persia
Seven Kingdoms throne material
Jeff Bridges sci-fi film
Common word suffix
House Lannister's sigil animal
To represent in art
Green citrus fruit
Unit of Italian currency (pre-Euro)
Method of killing White Walkers
War of the ____ Kings
To plunge into water
To take a meal
A ringing sound
Title held by Robert, Joffrey and Tommen
Donkey, Diddy & Dixie's surname
George R.R. Martin's Westeros epic

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