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Violet was a character created by Charles M. Schulz for what comic stripEntertainment
On what Nintendo console was the 2004 game, The Incredibles, featuring Violet Parr, releasedGaming
The flag of what small Caribbean country is the only national flag containing violetGeography
What New England state did Sister Arlene Violet become the U.S.'s first female Attorney GeneralHistory
In Catholicism, violet is the liturgical color for Lent, which ends on what holidayHoliday
What quartz mineral is violet and is the traditional birthstone for FebruaryJust For Fun
Violet derives from Latin, in which it shares a name with what stringed instrumentLanguage
What author created the character Violet Beauregarde to tour Willy Wonka's factoryLiterature
Violet Jessop notably survived sinkings on the Britannic, Olympic and what other ocean linerMiscellaneous
What 4 time Oscar winning actress played Violet Venable in Suddenly, Last SummerMovies
What rock band led by Courtney Love released the song 'Violet' in 1995Music
Violet is used to symbolically represent the 7th crown chakra (Sahasrara) in what religionReligion
Visible light is located on what, with violet at one end and red at the otherScience
Officially known as the Violets, what type of feline is the mascot for New York UniversitySports
Maggie Smith plays Violet Crawley on what period drama set in early 20th century BritainTelevision

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