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What stand up comedian and actor played Danny Tanner on Full House Entertainment
Fan Tan & Parliament are alternate names for what card game, sharing its name with a numberGaming
Located in the Mekong Delta, Tân An is a region in what Asian countryGeography
Occuring from 1919-1921, what country's war of independence is sometimes called the 'Tan War'History
Tanzania celebrates its Independence Day and the end of British rule during what monthHoliday
Bark from what type of tree is the source of the name for the color tan Just For Fun
In the Min Nan variety of what language is the surname 'Chen' prounounced as 'Tan'Language
Bill Tanner serves as MI6's Chief of Staff in what film and novel series created by Ian FlemingLiterature
Tan is a color pattern for what type of domestic barn animalsMiscellaneous
What fairy tale princess is featured in the 2010 Disney film, 'Tangled'Movies
What country artist released the album, 'All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan'Music
In what type of theology & religious practice was Tanfana, or Tan, a Germanic goddess Religion
The tangent function, or TAN, is one of the main functions in what branch of mathematicsScience
Vincent Tan is the owner of what professional football club, located in the Welsh capitalSports
What animated FOX series featured an episode named 'The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou' Television

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