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What toy company debuted Scarlett as an original member of the G.I. Joe Team in 1982Entertainment
Rolling first, Miss Scarlett is a suspect in what Hasbro board gameGaming
In what country would you find 'the Mounties' wearing a scarlet Red Serge Geography
Novel 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' is set during the Reign of Terror after the start of what conflictHistory
Per Lutheranism, scarlet is the color for Palm Sunday, which falls 1 week before what holiday Holiday
Will Scarlett is a member of what English outlaw's Merry MenJust For Fun
Scarlet is known as 'scarlatum' in what classical languageLanguage
In 'Little Women', which March sister develops scarlet fever, permanently weakening her healthLiterature
Sandra Bullock voiced Scarlet Overkill, a character in what 'Despicable Me' sequelMiscellaneous
What actress won an Oscar portraying Scarlett O'Hara in 'Gone with the Wind'Movies
Which member of the Beatles picked scarlet as the color of his Sgt. Pepper uniform Music
What senior, Catholic ecclesiastical leaders wear scarlet robesReligion
What scientific discovery in the 1900s has significantly reduced mortality for scarlet feverScience
The Scarlet Knights represent what New Jersey-based Big Ten Conference schoolSports
Actress Scarlett Johansson has hosted what sketch comedy series four times Television

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