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The Indigo Tribe is a fictional organization that primarily appears in what DC Comics seriesEntertainment
Published by Ravensburger, Indigo is a 2012 board game developed in what EU countryGaming
The 1859 Indigo revolt by Bengali peasants was in opposition to what colonial empireGeography
In what Latin American country was indigo the most important early export, after silverHistory
Used to make jeans, indigo dye would be helpful on Denim Day, held in what monthHoliday
What award did the Indigo Girls win in 1990 for their self titled albumJust For Fun
In what language is indigo known as indikónLanguage
Indigo, Canada's largest book, gift and specialty toy retailer is headquartered in what cityLiterature
What yellow fruit glows indigo under a black light when ripe, which aids birds and batsMiscellaneous
Actress Indigo voiced 'Dang Dang' in Madea's Tough Love, with what actor as the title characterMovies
'Mood Indigo' is a 1930 jazz composition composed by what African American pianistMusic
What possessors of ESP often associate indigo paranormal auras with an interest in religionReligion
What English scientist indroduced indigo as on of the seven base colors in the mid-1660sScience
What American car company developed an Indy concept car in 1996 called 'Indigo'Sports
'Indigo Angel' was the name of an episode of what 90s supernatural CBS drama Television

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