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Can you pick the correct film (A or B) in which the given actor or actress won a Golden Globe Award?

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PerformerA or BFilms
Julia Roberts(A) My Best Friend's Wedding or (B) Pretty Woman
Meryl Streep(A) Adaptation. or (B) The Manchurian Candidate
Renée Zellweger(A) Chicago or (B) Bridget Jones's Diary
George Clooney(A) The Descendants or (B) Michael Clayton
Tom Cruise(A) A Few Good Men or (B) Magnolia
Nicole Kidman(A) The Others or (B) The Hours
Russell Crowe(A) Gladiator or (B) A Beautiful Mind
Jack Lemmon(A) Some Like It Hot or (B) Save the Tiger
Sally Field(A) Steel Magnolias or (B) Places in the Heart
Walter Matthau(A) The Odd Couple or (B) The Sunshine Boys
Shirley MacLaine(A) Terms of Endearment or (B) Postcards from the Edge
Warren Beatty(A) Bonnie and Clyde or (B) Heaven Can Wait
Annette Bening(A) American Beauty or (B) Being Julia
Morgan Freeman(A) The Shawshank Redemption or (B) Driving Miss Daisy
Robin Williams(A) Mrs. Doubtfire or (B) Good Will Hunting
Al Pacino(A) Serpico or (B) The Godfather Part II
Sigourney Weaver(A) Working Girl or (B) Aliens
Cate Blanchett(A) I'm Not There. or (B) The Aviator
Jennifer Lawrence(A) American Hustle or (B) Winter's Bone
John Travolta(A) Primary Colors or (B) Get Shorty
Jack Nicholson(A) About Schmidt or (B) Something's Gotta Give
Jamie Lee Curtis(A) A Fish Called Wanda or (B) True Lies
Judi Dench(A) Shakespeare in Love or (B) Mrs. Brown
Denzel Washington(A) The Hurricane or (B) Training Day

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