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What film award did actor/dancer Fred Astaire win for his role in 1974's, 'The Towering Inferno'Entertainment
'Inferno' is an installment in what sci-fi first person shooter video game seriesGaming
On what continent would you find the summit Inferno PeakGeography
Pedro de Ataíde Inferno was captain-major of Ceylon when it was a colony of what European empireHistory
On what holiday did Google Maps get a temporary 1970s, disco inspired makeoverHoliday
What band, who originated in Philadelphia, released an album and song titled 'Disco Inferno' Just For Fun
From what language does the word 'discothèque' arise Language
What author published 'Inferno' in 2013 which featured returning protagonist Robert LangdonLiterature
What New York disco club was made famous during the 1970s and was frequented by celebritiesMiscellaneous
In what film did John Travolta first portray Tony Manero, a regular at a Brooklyn discothèqueMovies
In 1980, Gloria Gaynor won the first and only Grammy for Best Disco Recording for what songMusic
In Dante's Inferno, Round 4 of the Ninth Circle of Hell is named for what Biblical betrayerReligion
Disco is a software used to burn CD/DVDs on operating systems developed by what companyScience
Disco Demolition Night was an ill-fated promotion held by what MLB teamSports
'The Inferno' was a series of Real World/Road Rules challenges which aired on what networkTelevision

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