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Creator of ShadowClan
Last book in The Omen of the Stars series
Second series
Fabled clan with stripes
First medicine cat of SkyClan
Main prey of RiverClan
First book in The Dawn of the Clans series
Tabby medicine cat who doesn't believe in Starclan
Dustpelt's mate
A badger that can talk
Graypool's father
What warriors call housecats
The beach is
What did the WindClan cats make in case of a shortage of prey in Leafbare?
The Clan that was forced to leave
Second WindClan leader
Gray Wing's mother
Turtle Tail's kittypet friend
Leader of modern SkyClan
Featherwhisker's mentor
Sunstar's warrior name
Whitewing's mate
Firestar's kittypet friend
Third book of the original series
Cinderpelt's brother
Prequel series
How many books are in The Power of Three series?
In what book does Squirrelflight find out she's going to have kits?
In which book does Leopardfur become leader?
What is the first Ravenpaw's Path manga called?
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