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Can You Name these Warrior Cats Medicine Cats?

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HintMedicine CatMore hints if you need it
Firestar's first love
New SkyClan's first medicine cat
She was kicked out of her clan by her own son
She is run over by a monsterStarClan lets her live again when she dies to become a warrior like she originally planned
She is Firestar's daughterShe found the Moonpool
He is Leopardstar's fatherHe is RiverClan's medicine cat in the first series
Her father was TigerstarHer mother was a rogue/kittypet
He was a warrior before he was a medicine catHe was saved by Cinderpelt
He can't cure his own coldMentor: Yellowfang
HintMedicine CatMore hints if you need it
Yellowfang's mentor
Windclan medicine catKilled Moonflower
Wanted to be a medicine cat ever since he was a kitHis mentor was Hawkheart
WindClan's first medicine cat
ThunderClan's Medicine cat apprentice in 'The Sight'His mentor was Leafpool
WindClan's Medicine cat apprentice in 'The Sight'
RiverClan's Medicine cat apprentice in 'The Sight'
He was the cat who found Twigkit and Violetkit

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