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QUIZ: Can you name the Insect External Anatomy?

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FunctionPartBody Segment
Sensory organs on front of headhead
Used to form imageshead
Used to determine light intensityhead
Upper lipmouthparts
Located below upper lip, crushes foodmouthparts
Tongue-like structuremouthparts
Insect cheeksmouthparts
Lower lipmouthparts
Saddle-like coveringthorax
first segment of thoraxthorax
second segment of thorax/first wingsthorax
third segment of thorax/second wingsthorax
FunctionPartBody Segment
insect scalethorax
Nearest bodyleg
after previousleg
largest portionleg
after previousleg
like footleg
Auditory organabdomen
Gas exchangeabdomen
Attachment during copulationabdomen
Used for egg placementabdomen
Dorsal portion of abdomenabdomen
Ventral portion of abdomen abdomen

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