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Work typically chosen as the most important to teach
Opposes the protagonist and creates conflict
Allows for more than one interpretation
Universal symbols that evoke emotion
Does not change
Undergoes a change
Embodies one or two traits
Stereotypical character
More complex Characters
Struggle between two opposing forces
A familair technique
An approach suggesting there are multiple meanings
Turning point in a story
Informational diction
Verbal exchange between characters
A sudden realization about one's self
A break in order to fill the reader in on previous dealings
A character whose ideals contrast with another
Introduction of later events by drama
Approach to literature focusing on formal elements
POV of only one character
Interpretation of events different from author's
Characterized by youthful innocence
All-knowing; not a character
Intrusion in order to elevate a character
Allows the characters to speak for themselves
Restricted to a single perspective, but still not a character
Empahsizes the interaction between history and the readers interpretation
Main character of the narrative
Focuses on the reader rather than the work
Protagonist's fortune takes a turn
Examines social binds in works
Anxious anticipation

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