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Forced Order
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Answer words or phrases
What is the common name for NaCl?
What group on the periodic table has a full electron shell?
# of naturally occurring elements on the periodic table
Name one letter that stands for a sub orbital shape in the electron configuration of an atom.
What is the phase change from a gas to a liquid called?
Which property of elements tends to decrease across a period and increase down a group?
If the electronegativity difference is less than 0.5, what kind of bond is occuring?
Forms of the same element which exhibit different physical properties are called what?
What two factors affect phase change?
What family is Group 1 on the Periodic Table?
What family of elements on the periodic table have properties of both metals and non-metals?
What is the point at which a liquid starts to become a gas?
Down a group, ionization energy __________.
What is the term used when a solid turns into a gas?
How many valence electrons does a Cl^ -1
Answer words or phrases
Do nonmetals have a high or low electronegativity?
Which subatomic particle affects the isotope of an atom?
What is the lowest temperature in Kelvin equal to -273 deg C
What do the super script numbers in an electron configuration represent?
What are protons and neutrons made of?
Fill in the balnk: Smallest to Largest SI Unit Prefixezs: _______, nano, ______, mili, centi, ______, ______, hecto, kilo, _______, _______, tera.
Deposition is the phase change from _______ to ________
The name of the point on a phase diagram where all three phases of matter exist in equalibrium
How many valence electrons does Oxygen have?
How many dots are in the electron dot diagram for Chlorine?
Stable atoms have a net charge of _______.
What type of ion do charged metals usually form?
If the electronegativity difference is greater than 2.0, what kind of bond is occuring?
What form of matter has no definite shape or definite volume?
Covalent bonds share electrons ________.

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