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QUIZ: Can you name the One of the:?

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19 AKC 'non-sporting' breed of dog:
4 Locations for Big 4 sports hall of fames:
3 Primary colors of light:
4 US Presidents from the Whig Party:
6 Basic triginometric ratios:
5 MLB team in the AL Central:
5 Miss America contest portions:
4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
5 Poker hands that beat a three of a kind:
18 Women in the title of Beatles songs:
8 Non-Californian Universities in the Pacific-12 Conference (Full Members):
6 Kingdoms of classification in Biology (US):
12 Countries of South America:
4 Current NFL teams with no Super Bowl appearences:
11 States of the Confederate States of America:
2 Houses of the British Parliment:
12 Locations of Federal Reserve Banks in the US:
6 James Bond movies with Sean Connery:
7 Deadly sins:
15 Sporcle categories:

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