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DescriptionPolitical Party Name
formed to promote ratification of the Constitution (Right)
Formed to prevent ratification of the Constitution (Left)
Formed to oppose Federalist Politics; initally led by Thomas Jefferson (Left)
Split off from Jeffersonian Repubican Party oppose Andrew Jackson's campaign for the presidency and to promote a strong national government (Right)
Emerged when Andrew Jackson ran against John Quincy Adams, presidential nominee of the National Republican Party (Left)
Stood for national unity and limited presidential power; essentially a reorganized version of the National Republican Party (Right)
Formed to oppose slavery; took the name of Jefferson's old party (Right)
DescriptionPolitical Party Name
Formed to save the Union from the Civil War; mostly former southern Whigs (Right)
Formed by Theofore Roosevelt; prevented President Taft's reelection for president by splitting the Republican Party (Right)
Formed to oppose U.S. foreign policy; was seen as too sympathetic to the Communists (Left)
Formed by Alabama governor George Wallace; opposed the civil rights movement (Left)
Formed by H. Ross Perot to seek the presidency; opposed federal budget deficits (Left)
Supports environmentalism and opposes corporate influence (Right)

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