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A permanent change in behavior brought about by experiment
when a neutral stimulus evokes a response after being paired with a stimulus that naturally evokes a response
condition behavior without a UCS, by pairing a new stimulus with an existing condition stimulus
present CS without UCS, and the CR will eventually stop
reappearence of a CR after a rest period
CR occurs with other similiar CS's
process were organisms learn to differentiate among stimuli, so that CR occurs only with CS
the idea that if you use reinforcement instead of punishment you will get a better result
learning occurs as a result of stimuli that either strengthen or weaken the likelihood of a particular behavioral response, the voluntary type of conditioning
this reinforcer helps satisfy biological needs (if an infant finds it useful)
What schedule has reinforcements are given in fixed intervals of time, provided that the response was made
What schedule has the dilivery of reinforcement is based on particular average number of responses
What schedule is a behavior is reinforced based on a average time that has expired since the last reinforcment
learning that results from the reinforcement of successive approximations to a final desired behavior
What schedule reinforcement is delivered after a specific number of responses have been made

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