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Lightest stage of sleep, it lasts only a few minutes and during this stage you heart rate slows, breathing regulates, and brain waves slow down
The stage of sleep that lasts 20 minutes
The thing that tells your body what to do, like when to wake up and go to sleep
The stage of sleep that lasts 30-40 minutes and at this point you are in deep sleep
The theory that we dream to stay sane, and gratify unrealistic wishes, but we diguise the threatening images with symbols
Psychoactive drug that is used to relieve pain
How much of our lifes to we spend dreaming?
Theory that dreams helps sift though, sort, and fix our memory from everyday experiences and thoughts
Psychactive Drug that reduces activity in the CNS
The stage of sleep when your eyes dart around while the rest of your body is practically paralyzed, your brain waves speed up, your heart rate increases, and you dream during this
Psychoactive drug that MU students smoke
The awareness of the sensation, thoughts, and feelings being experienced at a given moment
Theory that believes sleep serves as an important recuperative function.
The state where you have some awareness but minimal attention, like daydreaming and being on 'auto-pilot'
Full, Self, and minimal are states of ____________
an altered state of consciousness characterized by suggestibilty and the feeling that ones actions are occuring involuntarily
Psychoactive drug that excites the CNS
A disorder where you stop breathing while sleeping
The stage of sleep that lasts a few minutes and is the transitional stage between light and deep sleep
The theory that dreams are an unimportant by-product of random brain stimulation, the cerebral cortex makes this into a fragmented story
Theory that believes we sleep to conserve energy for looking for food and finding mates, and it keeps us still and quiet as protection from predators
a drug that can produce mood changes and distorted perceptions
How long does it take to go through all the stages of sleep once?

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