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Can you name the most specific possible details about harry potter?

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What train station does the Hogwarts Express leave from?all books
Which team wins the Quidditch World Cup in Book 4?Book 4
What book must the students get for Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures class?Book 3
Who wrote 'A History of Magic'mentioned in all books
Who is the conductor of the Knight Bus?Book 3
Where does Harry first hear of Sirius Black?Book 3
In Harry's first quidditch match, who was the opposing team?Book 1
Who is the captain of Ravenclaw's quidditch team?Book 3
Who is the Irish Quidditch Seeker?Book 4
What is the core of Harry's wand?mentioned in all books
What species is let loose in Lockhart's Defense Against the Dark Arts class?Book 2
What class does Hagrid teach?Book 3
Where does the floo powder take Harry in book 2?Book 2
Where does Mr. Weasley get attacked by Nagini?Book 5
Who was the half-blood prince?Book 6
What is the counter-curse for sectemsempra?Book 6
Who created sectemsempra?Book 6
Who is Mrs. Weasley's favorite singer?Book 6
What is James Potter's animagus?Book 3
Who gives Harry his Nimbus 2000?Book 1
What department of the Ministry of Magic does Mr. Weasley work in?Book 2
Who gets the Snitch in the World Cup in book 4?Book 4
Where do the Weasley's live?all books
Who is Albus Dumbledore's brother?Book 7
Where do the Dursley's live?Book 1
How many staircases are in Hogwarts?Book 1
What store do Fred and George Weasley open?Book 6
Who gives Hermione the time-turner?Book 3
What species is Fleur Delacour's grandmother?Book 4
Who is Hagrid's brother?Book 5
How old must you be to legally apparate?Book 5
From whom does Voldemort get Helga Hufflepuff's cup?Book 6
In the triwizard tournament how many champions are there?book 4
How many horcruxes does Hepzibah Smith have?Book 7
What appendage does George Weasley lose?Book 7
What Appendage is left after Wormtail and Padfoot's fight?Book 3
Who was the passage from Hogwarts to the Shreiking Shack built for?Book 3
In what drawer in Filch's Office does Fred and George find the Maruaders Map?Book 3
Who Invented the Sorceres Stone?Book 1
What was the plant that Ron, Harry and Hermione get stuck in trying to find the Sorcerer's Stone?Book 1
What plant does Harry use in the Tri Wizard Tournament?Book 4
Who is Hepzibah Smith's house-elf?Book 6
What does Devil's Snare hate?Book 1
What Potion did Harry take to find Slughorn at the Greenhouse?Book 6
What Animal does Hermione shoot at ron?Book 6
What House is Susan Bones in?Book 1
What is the money prize for winning the Tri Wizard Tournamenet?Book 4
How old must you be to put you're name in the Tri Wizard Cup?Book 4
What Dragon does Harry Fight in the Tri Wizard Tournament?Book 4
What type of Spider is Argog?

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