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Native form and languageEnglish form/loanwordNative definition
pandi-kokku (Telugu)pig-rat
gōng hé (Mandarin Chinese)work together
sluagh-ghairm (Scottish Gaelic)army shout
kuribu (Akkadian)propitious, blessed
loef (Dutch)the weather side of a ship
az-zahr (Arabic)chance, luck
topaĝan (Micmac)sled
pappekak (Dutch)soft dung
baṅglā (Hindi)of the Bengal type
acajú (Tupi)yellow head
cavolfiore (Italian)cabbage flower
ahuacatl (Nahuatl)testicle
shah mat (Persian)the king is ambushed
callamellus (Latin)little reed
feitiço (Portuguese)sorcery
Native form and languageEnglish form/loanwordNative definition
maxkeseni (Proto-Algonquin)shoe
barbakoa (Taíno)frame of sticks
kocsi (Hungarian)wagon from the town of Kocs
qahwah (Arabic)wine
bean sídhe (Irish)woman of the fairies
Taler (German)coin made using silver from the town of Joachimstal
kakatua (Malay)older sibling
hashshashin (Arabic)hashish-eater
bommekijn (Dutch)little tree
kampung (Malay)village
capuzar (Spanish)to sink by the head
Juracán (Taíno)god of the storm
díaspros (Byzantine Greek)across white
za'farān (Arabic)yellow
dafēng (Mandarin Chinese)big wind

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