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Forced Order
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In what year did this movie come out ?
Who directed this film?
What song was sung in the beginning of the movie
Who does Charlie work for?
What job does Charlie do?
How many people live in Charlie's house?
What is being served for dinner at Charlie's house?
What country is Augustus Gloop From?
What country is Veruca Salt From?
What State is Violet Beauregarde From?
What State is Mike Teevee From?
Who sings Cheer Up Charlie?
True or False, one of the oompa loompas is actually a woman?
True or False, The chocolate river was actually colored water?
Which actor died after falling off a horse?
Gene Wilder who plays Willy Wonka is also known for being in what other musical?
Peter Ostrum who played Charlie left acting after the movie ended to become a what?
What actress was originally chosen to be Mrs. Teevee but declined to go on to play a wife and mother in a widely known sitcom?
Jack Albertson who played Grandpa Joe was also in what sitcom?
Which actor died recently?

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