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Forced Order
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The Green Mile was a novel written by who?
Who was the director of the movie?
What year did this movie come out?
The director of this movie also directed what other well known movie that took place in prison?
Who was the head of the green mile?
Who played him?
What was the name of Paul's wife?
Who does David Morse play?
What was the other name for the green mile?
What was the name of the governor's nephew?
What nickname was given to the electric chair?
Who was the first prisoner to be executed?
Whose execution was botched by Percy Wetmore?
Who played John Coffey in the movie?
What part of the mile was green giving it the name the green mile?
What was the name of the mouse that was in the green mile?
What unusual ability did John Coffey have?
What was the name of Paul's friend in the nursing home?
What was John Coffey afraid of ?
What was the nickname of the prisoner Will Wharton?
When the prisoners were ready to be executed what had to be wet so it could conduct electricity?
Where did the governor's nephew end up in the movie?
What was the name of Hal Moore's wife who had a brain tumor?
True or False John Coffey was set free at the end of the movie?
True or False The only one who was still alive from that time besides Paul was Mr. Jingles?

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