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In The Episode the Grass is Greener, Mike and Carol learned when they switch roles for a day. While Carol played ball with the boys what did Mike do with the girls?
According to Teen Time Romance, one way to achieve a successful marriage is to marry a man ten to twelve years older. What older man did Marcia have in mind?
Which Brady Kid wanted to be an only child?
What did the Brady boys and girls want to buy with Alice's Checker Trading Stamps?
Which Brady had 'Scoop' as a nickname?
Who broke the bust of Mike that Carol had sculpted?
Where did Davy Jones accompanied Marcia to?
Why was Jerry Rogers, Fairview High's star Football Player dating Marcia ?
Why was Marcia sick the first day of high school?
How was it determined who won Alice's Checker Trading Stamps?
Which Brady had Laryngitis?
Mom said ' Don't play ball in the house' but that didn't stop Peter. What broke as a result of a runaway basketball?
Name one of the Brady Kids wore braces?
What Hawaiian celebrity did the Brady's meet?
What happened to the pool table?
What excuse did Alice give Carol for resigning after being labeled a squealer by the kids.
Where did the Brady's stop on their way to the Grand Canyon?
With What did Bobby bribe his friend Tommy with to play Cindy's secret admirer?
What disease did Bobby's girlfriend think she had after the day they kissed?
Who was the Pool Shark?
When Beebe asked Mike to design her new cosmetics factory what did she specify?
Which letter dropped in the typewritten enveloped addressed to Jan in the lost locket episode?

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