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Forced Order
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In the beginning of the game Mario, Luigi and Peach are seen riding what into dinosaur world?
What is the first area called?
What color is the first switch palace?
Who is the first boss that is encounterd?
How many ghost houses are in the the game?
What color is the second switch palace?
The top secert area can be accsses through which ghost house?
Who is the second boss that is encounterd?
How many stars are locatd throughout dinosaur land?
How many fortress are there?
Who is the 3rd boss?
Who is the 4th boss?
Who is the 5th boss?
Who is the 6th boss?
Who is the 7th boss?
Who is the final boss?
In whose castle will you find spiked poles and saw blades?
What color is the yoshi that can fly when eating any color shell?
What color is yoshi when he can stomp eating any color shell?
What color is Yoshi when he can breath fire?
What color is the 3rd switch palace?
What coloris the 4th switch palace?
In which colored exclamation box can you get a power up mushroom?
In which exclamatin box can you get a feather?
Who is the only koopa child whose battle is not the same as their other siblings?
After completing the super bonus stage the final star will take you where?
Who are the bosses in the fortress?
Name the two bridges that are named after food
Who is on the special coins that you can collect in each level?
Which fortress is totally underwater?

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