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Can you name the Nickelodeon 90s characters A-Z?

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Girl who is mean to her cousin and his friends
This character is actually from Uranus
Kenan's boss at Rigbys
Alfie's younger brother
Cashier from Good Burger
Clarissa's little brother
Leader of the MIdnight Society
Rocko's unusual looking friend
Character from Aaahh Real Monsters!!!
Co-Host of Kablam
Guy who loves orange soda
Twin of Phil
Video game adventurer
Dagget Beaver's brother
Talking stone head
Two brothers who share the same name
Old woman who frequently shops at Rigby's
Bully from Doug
Asian detective
Baby who wears a blue shirt
Camp counseler
Friend of Asian detective
Mouse who lives with CatDog
Type x
Type y
Camper from Salute Your Shorts

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