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What is the name of the department store Mr. Bean shopped at in 'The Return of Mr.Bean'?
What game was Mr. Bean playing when he accidentaly swallows a goldfish?
Mr. Bean gets back at a bully in the laundry mat by making him pour what into his washing machine?
What kind of contest does Mr. Bean enter Teddy in?
In Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean, what does Teddy get for Christmas?
In Goodnight Mr. Bean, Mr Bean is in the hospital waiting room, he steals a ticket from a woman in a wheelchair, what number is on the ticket?
What type of ball was Mr. Bean chasing through town?
One of Mr. Bean's friends at his New Years party
Who is Mr. Bean's girlfriend?
What class was Mr. Bean taking at the school when he loses his pants?
Type K
Mr. Bean gets highly annoyed when a man keeps doing what on the train?
What city does Mr. Bean accidentaly ship himself off to?
What movie was Mr. Bean watching that scared him?
What food did Mr. Bean eat at the hotel that makes him sick?
What does Mr. Bean poke the thief with who stole his camera?
Who does Mr. Bean accidentaly head butt at the theater?
What Mr. Bean buys at the New Years Sale?
What dish does Mr. Bean order only to be repulsed by it?
In Mind The Baby, Mr. Bean, what does Mr. Bean use as a diaper when he changes the baby?
Mr. Bean has each day of the week marked on his what?
Type V
What Mr. Bean lost in the turkey that causes him to get it stuck on his head?
What was able to move in different directions in the dentist office, Mr. Bean couldn't figure out what tooth to dirll?
What color was the towel that Mr. Bean bought?
Type Z

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