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In the Mr. Bean pilot, Mr. Bean mistakenly takes what test?
In the Return of Mr. Bean, what occasion was Mr. Bean celebrating in the restaurant?
In the Curse of Mr. Bean during the movie scene what color is Mr. Bean's sweater?
In Mr. Bean Goes To Town, what of Mr.Bean's does a thief steal?
In Mr. Bean Rides Again, Mr Bean steals a stamp off of a woman's letter and puts it on his own. When she returns and spots her letter without the stamp where does Mr. Bean hide?
In the Trouble with Mr. Bean, While Mr. Bean is at the park a thief tries to steal his car but something is missing, what is it?
In Merry Christmas Mr. Bean, name one of the 2 things Mr. Bean bought in the store.
In Mr. Bean in Room 426, what drag queen is performing at the hotel?
In Mind the Baby Mr. Bean, during the end scene what kind of animal climbs into Mr. Bean's car?
In Do It Yourself Mr, Bean what color is Mr.Bean painting his room
In Back to School Mr. Bean what crushes Mr. Bean's car in the end scene?
In Tee Off Mr. Bean, Mr Bean switches the bully's laundry soap and makes him pour what into the washer?
In Goodnight Mr. Bean in the hospital scene what was Mr. Bean's original number?
In Hair by Mr. Bean of London Mr. Bean accidentally ships himself off to what city?

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