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The Name of Marc'y niece who appeared in several episodes.
No Ma'am member
Name of the guy Kelly goes on a date with in the pilot episode
Name of Librarian who first calls Al a loser
Country the Bundys 'win' a trip to
A ____________ walked into the shoe store today!
Al's boss who is actually a woman
'Is that the law offices of ______ and Dazs'
Married With Children episode known as the infamous 'Lost Episode'
What Al asks Peggy to buy for him in the pilot episode
Last name of the rocker who appeared in the episode 'Rock of Ages'
Name of book Al returns to the library that is really late
'Then try the_______ you'll weigh less!'
The name of the mall Al work's in
Episode where Kelly gets her own apartment
High school Al played football for
Type Q
Name of 'star' Kelly doesn't want to work with in Bud's fitness video
'I hope you get coal in your stocking on Christmas Morning!' 'And I hope you get _________ in yours!'
Actor who plays Peggy's Father
Episode where Kelly's secret admirer turns out to be a 12 year old boy
Kelly's 'super hero' name when she works for an exterminator company
City No Ma'am goes to,to try to get Psycho Dad back on the air
Type X
Game show Bud appeared on
Married With Children Episode, 'At The ________'

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