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In The Fellowship Of The Ring, who narrates the prologue?
Who fought along Isildur and tried to convince him to destroy the ring?
Who found the ring many years later after it betrayed Isildur?
Who killed him to get the ring?
Who found the ring next?
What two words does Gollum say that gives away the location of the One Ring to the orcs?
How old was Bilbo turning in the beginning of the movie?
Where does Gandalf go to read more about the ring?
Where does Gandalf tell Frodo to meet him at?
Who does Gandalf instruct to go with Frodo?
Who runs into Frodo and Sam in Farmer Maggot's field?
Which member of the fellowship do hobbits meet at the Prancing Pony Inn?
Who gives away Frodo's real name at the Prancing Pony?
After Frodo gets stabbed who comes to help Frodo?
Where does Frodo wake up and reunite with everyone else?
How many members make up the fellowship?
Where do the fellowship go to get off of the mountain?
What was the password in order to open the door?
Gandalf falls after battling with what creature?
Who is Gimli's cousin?
Where do the remaining members of the fellowship go to next?
Who wished to speak with Gandalf?
Who was the only member of the fellowship not to receive a gift from Galadriel?
As the fellowship row down the river Anduin what structure do they pass?
What type of creatures do Saruman send to attack the fellowship?
Boromir was carrying what when he tried to take the ring from Frodo
Which two hobbits are captured by Uruk Hais?
Which member of the Fellowship is killed?
Which 2 members of the fellowship set out to destroy the ring?
What is the name of Frodo's sword?

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