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Can you name the Crash Bandicoot Characters by Description?

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Forced Order
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The main villian
The good mask
This villian always has the time
The hero
The psychotic villian
A big villian who doesn't live up to his name.
A evil mechanical genius
The hero's sister
An almost identical clone
The two sword throwing villians
The evil mask
The elemental of fire
The hero's brother
The master of hypnosis
The elemental of earth
Two animals make up this villian's name
The elemental of air
Leader of the tribesmen
Considered the Tiny Tiger of the first Crash Bandicoot game
First known as the main villian's body guard
Alien from the planet gasmoxia
The elemental of water
Niece of the main villian
A scientist who formerly worked for the main villian
Villian who shoots mechanical bears
Tiger cub introduced in Crash Bandicoot 3
Get to ride him in three levels in Crash Bandicoot 2
The only character who is a penguin
A forty foot mechanical version of Crash
The Totem god in Crash Twinsanity

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