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Dead boy warns best friend
Boy unleashes comic book villian
A unusual game of hide and seek
Ghost obssesed with silence
Ghost that lives in a pool
Vampire in a hospital
Story with a bunch of dogs
Race with a big truck
Girl who befriends dead woman
Hockey Stick turns teen into a reptile
Girl gets turned into a reptile
Genie in a Box
Man uses weird game to trap kids
Another version of Sleepy Hollow
Ghost who resides in a fire house
Boy Rescues brother from pirate
Weird clown in a funhouse
New neighbors may be cannibals?
New neighbors may be vampires?
Boy becomes trapped in an arcade game
Woman who steals other girls faces
Aliens visit Eath
Girl uses talent to stop ghost
Story with a jukebox
Group of friends search for hidden orb
Typewriter brings stories to life
Girl gets sucked into a real life fairy tale
Weird doctor opens up restaurant
Boy is forced to play a weird game
Two boys put on trial for stealing wisdom

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